US re-engagement in trade and investment in Africa

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US re-engagement in trade and investment in Africa: A case for the Central African Region

US relations with SSA, begun in earnest in the 1960’s after colonialism. It was re-enforced during the cold war as geopolitical and strategic partners, to contain the spread of communism, and the influence of the Soviet Union. After the cold war, the relationship morphed to incorporate a socio- economic component.

US policy for Africa is multifaceted. It is implemented through Acts of Congress, various government agencies and initiatives. ( USAID, USTDA, USTR,OPIC, Office for African Affairs, AGOA, Power Africa, OPIC, MCC and a host of others).

[zozo_blockquote footer_text=”” position=”left” animation_type=”none” animation_delay=”500″]The balance of trade in the short term weighs more on the US side, but the long term benefits of trade with the region should not be neglected, as the US will enforce geopolitical and strategic partnerships with the continent.[/zozo_blockquote]

US -CEMAC policy should not be completely risk adverse, but intelligent to understand the challenges and the potential market for US products and the gains for the region

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