Electricity and economic development in Cameroon and the region

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Electricity and power, in the CEMAC region and Cameroon is the bedrock for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 1.2 billion people worldwide are without access to reliable and uninterrupted electricity, with the largest concentration of 620 million in SSA. Developed countries are in the fourth industrial revolution. Digital technology runs on various platforms, with reliable and continuous supply of electricity.

[zozo_blockquote footer_text=”” position=”left” animation_type=”none” animation_delay=”500″]A proper cost /benefits analysis in the region, high lights that a climate friendly economy is cheaper and produces jobs in industry, energy, agri-business and a clean environment.[/zozo_blockquote]

For the region to be part of the fourth industrial revolution, and the digital age, there is need for long term investments, and improved management of existing and new energy infrastructure.


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