A smart, dynamic
and visionary law practice.

VV-SN is a bilingual and bi-jurial corporate law firm based in Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon. The firm is strategically located to provide access to the various stakeholders in both the public and the private sector. We advise and consult in both English and French. We focus on the current exigencies that have imposed a new dynamic in the practice of law in Africa. The founding partner’s international experience and his knowledge of the socio-political environment in Africa provides the firm with unique cross border expertise .Legal advisory in trade, investment, corporate and commercial transactions demands an approach that incorporates an understanding of the region.

Globally Acceptable Standards

As an African Law firm we place strong emphasis on best efforts by providing the requisite talent to tasks and assignments to meet globally accepted standards.

Africa’s fast-growing population is in need of sustainable development to create jobs, boost the economy and provide long term growth and stability in the region. The fast urbanization and the rapid rise in technological advancement in communication has opened SSA for business

  • Renaissance Law Firm

    We are a renaissance law firm with the capacity to provide contemporary legal counsel and advice that informs clients and state agencies of the boardroom and shareholder challenges foreign companies face in doing business in Africa. Our law firm has a firm grasp on the regulatory regimes in corporate governance, accounting, reporting mechanisms, taxes and other exigencies required by banks and financial institutions.

  • Corporate Law Firm

    VV-SN is a corporate, commercial, trade and investment law firm.

    We direct and orientate the needs and businesses of our clients, for long term mutually rewarding business relationship with SSA.

  • Special Package

    We provide risk management, due diligence and compliance as a special package in the various sectors and countries in the region. We have strong expertise in compliance issues and investigations, in particular fraud, bribery in concert and consultation with accounting firms, tax experts and corporate counsel

Firm Profile

Our long term goal is to create an enabling legal environment for businesses, through durable and long term commitments .The opportunities in Central Africa, VV-SN intends to exploit, by setting proper benchmarks to manage and leverage the expectations of new entrants to the region given the demographics, resources and potential for growth. With the right counsel and advice there is the possibility of a huge export market for goods and services that meets international norms and standards. There are many products and business models yet to hit Central Africa with lots of opportunities.

Our hallmark as a visionary law firm is to become the foremost firm in Africa equipped, to provide the talent and expertise necessary to permit Africa compete.

Our firm philosophy is based on a deep rooted believe in excellence. We prioritize quality, efficiency and effectiveness in all tasks.

Given the challenges local and foreign investors face with time zones we understand time is of the essence.

Our law firm strategy is to provide legal and transactional expertise to our clients in collaboration with governments, state agencies, finance institutions, local banks and investors.