Practice Area

VV-SamNdim is a law firm in Cameroon with cross –border expertise. Our practice focuses on opportunities in Africa for mutually beneficial business relationships. The hue and cry of protectionist as evidenced in the United States and Europe, coupled with the insistence on fair and reciprocal trade, has imposed a new dynamic, requiring adaptable lawyering skills. The region with a significant number of billion dollar companies, the AfCFTA, youth bulge and demographics is trending for business. Disruption, integration, climate change and funds, Afri-capitalism, agri-preneurs, Afri-preneurs, venture capital, private equity, fintech, crowd funding, mobile money, diversification, SDG’s, blockchain, and renewable energy are buzz words driving business. We represent numerous multinational and local corporations as well as financial institutions, on a wide range of multi-jurisdictional and cross-border issues. We work in collaboration with government agencies and state entities in the registration of products, norms and standards. The United States, China, The European Union, The French Development Agency, Japan and a host of countries have vehicles for trade and investment in Sub-Sahara Africa (AGOA, Power Africa, JICA, China Exim bank, US Exim bank, European Union) to fund initiatives that promote trade and investment. African financial institutions like the AfDB, Afri-Eximbank are funding long term, sustainable projects in infrastructure, water, power and agriculture to name a few. The government of Cameroon has implemented changes in policy and regulations to improve the business climate. There are agencies for facilitation, orientation and guidance for investors like the, The Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) , (Conseil D’appui a la Realisation de Contrats de Parteneriat (CARPA). The Customs department has made provisions for pre- payment of custom duties amongst other incentives.

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